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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Digikid in English (and Chinese)

OK! Good morning everybody :)
Anyway, I just couldn't sleep last night (think of it, I only slept for 3 hours :P) and well, when I got up, my WHOLE body ACHES (what the?)

Oh yeah, I slept at 2.30 AM this morning, and got up at 7.00 AM (what the?). Well, stayed up that late because hendry said he wanna call me, well, why not?

At first when I heard of his voice, I'm kinda shocked, lol, I'm always shocked to hear someone's voice who's new to me :D. Well, he's a nice one, so talkative, so my-friend-ish intonation (hohoho), we get to chat for aboutt..... lemme think about it, 2 hours?  

Anyway, let's get to the point of today's self-writing.
Well, I'm thinking of making this blog into English blog (although I'll be using  my still-learning-English), well, just in order to make more people coming from around the world (
anyway who'll come to your stupid-and-common blog, bro?). Whatever they say ^_________________^

Oh, and maybe I'll add some Chinese postings, too. I guess it'll make my Chinese a lot better when I tried to write about my self experience over here using Chinese.

So guys, what do you think?

PS: I'm about to add new Categories about "Religions" and "My Go Life", too. Well, I just need your thoughts about those ones :D


  1. =.="

    I'm sorry making you sleep late... Sorryy... It's not good for health.. --'

    It's a great idea to write an article in English. And, i think your English is also good. It's great.. That's all.. But, you mean to translate all this content to English.?? OMG.. It's kinda hard, isn't it.? N, why my blog is still in indonesian language is because I don't know some vocabularies that make me stress if I have to look it up in a dictionary... :P.. (I'm so lazy)

    N, i think I'll miss your indonesian postings.. Huhuhu

  2. woot @_@
    no worries about that :D

    Of course I don't change all the postings into English at once XD

    I'll make it step by step :D so don't worry about the Indonesian postings, you won't miss it for sure

    I think I still have problems writing in English coz my English is not very well, too ~_~

    Oh yeah, well, I can just simply copy-paste an English articles here, hahaha, well, not to translate all the content of course, that's stupid ~_~


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